Down syndrome diagnosis - new support available

The recent ill-informed and anti-choice comments by Richard Dawkins, directing prospective parents who have a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome to terminate the pregnancy, are an unfortunate reflection of the attitudes of many medical professionals in Australia. Expectant parents receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome have traditionally been offered little in the way of relevent, up-to-date, evidence based information and co-ordinated support at this time of heightened emotional vulnerability.

Down Syndrome Australia is pleased to address this issue with the launch today of two support resources;

The Dreamhouse; will it make a difference in real life?

DSA would like to emphasise that our comment on The Dreamhouse, currently screening on the ABC, is not critical of the individuals and families who chose to take part, and we hope our revised release conveys this, while still reflecting our concerns.

The heartbreak of low expectations

Down Syndrome Australia (DSA) was greatly saddened to read the story of baby Gammy in today’s Fairfax media:  Australian couple leaves Down syndrome baby with Thai surrogate.

“Everyone in the Down syndrome community is heartbroken to see those attitudes played out with such devastating consequences for baby Gammy and his family.