About us


The Down Syndrome Advisory Network (DSAN) is a group of people with Down syndrome chosen to work together to provide direct advice to the Down Syndrome Australia Board. Our appointed Down Syndrome Advisory Network members are: 

Claire Mitchell, Queensland

Appointed November 2017 

Claire is a 35 year old woman who is passionate about speaking for younger people with Down syndrome. She enjoys public speaking and has been involved in presenting at different organisations and at the University of Queensland. She is involved in the Choir, has previously been involved in performance school and enjoys musical theatre. Claire is also very proud to be working part time as an administrative assistant. 

Michael Sullivan, New South Wales

Appointed November 2017 

Michael was invited directly as he is the Australian representative for Down Syndrome International (self-advocacy group) and provides an excellent link between our work and the work at the international level. He is an experienced and seasoned advocate for people with an intellectual disability. He was Chair of NSW Council for Intellectual Disability from 2015–2017. He has previously been on the National Disability Advisory Council in Canberra and currently is on the National Disability Insurance Agency Intellectual Disability Reference Group. Michael is also the Healthy Ageing Ambassador for the UNSW Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry, and a member of Down Syndrome NSW.

Kylie Scott, New South Wales

Appointed November 2017 

Kylie is a 38 year old woman who has extensive experience in presenting at conferences, schools and training sessions. She is involved in the Sydney Local Health District NDIS Governance Committee. You can see more about her work at http://kyliedownsbarriers.com.au/ 

Matt O'Neil, Victoria

Appointed November 2017 

Matt is a 22 year old man who is very active in his community and interested in a range of social issues. He is involved with Club 21, e.motion21, and is employed at a local café. He is also actively involved in sports. 

Nick McMahon, South Australia

Appointed November 2017 

Nick is a 27 year old man who is actively involved with Down Syndrome South Australia as part of their dance group and assists with teaching dance. He is looking forward to being involved and sharing his ideas. 

Andrew Domahidy, Western Australia

Appointed November 2017 

Andrew is a 35 year old man who lives alone and gets around his community independently. He is very involved in community activities – a real helper. He is interested in graphic design, designing logos, doing pamphlets and newsletters, as well as having good committee skills. Importantly, he is interested in other people and always asks how people are, especially if he hasn’t seen them for a while. Andrew is also very interested in all things military and is a seasoned traveller. 

Ebony Beveridge, Tasmania

Appointed March 2018 

Ebony is a 21 year old woman who is currently focusing on moving towards independent living, enjoying a very active life style and is a keen ‘voice’ for people with Down syndrome. Ebony has presented to a number of audiences including service clubs, TAFE Individual Support students and Down Sydrome Tasmania professional workshops for teachers and teachers assistants. Ebony is doing work placements with Family Day Care and the School of Special Education and is a member of the BrightStars Dance Troupe, does Hip-hop dance classes and  regularly attends the gym. Ebony is experiencing great support and benefits from her NDIS plan and team.

Elizabeth Shelley, ACT

Appointed March 2018 

Elizabeth is from the ACT. She works part time at the Big Green Cup café and enjoys gym, swimming and looking after her dogs Queenie and Ace. She is also a big Raiders fan and goes to all of their home games. She likes making people laugh and being with positive people who have a good sense of humour.



You can also find out a bit more about our members in our recent Voice article which you can download here in PDF format.