A large part of providing a National Voice involves advocating for our community.

We work with the State and Territory associations to develop agreed policy positions representing and advocating on these to the federal government and national organisations.

Some of the ways we have been actively advocating include: 

  • Working to influence education sector changes, including through a comprehensive submission to a Senate Inquiry and a letter to the Education Council.
  • Advocating to ensure appropriate access for the Disability Support Pension and stopping medical reviews for people with chromosomal conditions such as Down Syndrome including through letters to the Department of Human Services and a submission to a Senate Inquiry.
  • Advocating for changes to the Migration Act so that families are not automatically excluded from migrating to Australia if a family member has Down syndrome. Together with National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA), we will be lobbying the government for real change on this issue of discrimination against a person with a disability;
  • Providing submissions to the government and Medical Services Advisory Committee around the issues of prenatal testing, and developing resources to support people to make informed decisions around further testing options and the pregnancy; 
  • Developing resources and information to help build awareness of Down syndrome and reduce stigma associated with intellectual disabilities. 

We also plan to develop information, communication and consultation resources, tools and guidelines to support people with Down syndrome (including in a possible prenatal diagnosis), their families and service providers when making decisions and choices about supports and services, and are seeking funding to do this.