FREE Meditation Session with Mr Meditate – 2 September

FREE Meditation Session with Mr Meditate – 2 September thumbnail.

Meditation is essentially mental training in attention and attitude. It acts as a warm bath for the mind and offers a mindful way through COVID-19; as we need some kind of help during this time. It’s an opportunity to have some social distancing with your thoughts.

This is the second session Tomas has led for us. If you attended the first session you can expect to build on the strategies you learnt. If you missed the first session you will absolutely still benefit from attending.

Two types of positive, practical and achievable techniques will be taught in this session:

  • Formal – mindful meditation (like the gym for the mind)
  • Informal – being mindful in everyday life

The aim is to live more mindfully, and equanimously, during the day. To be more aware and balanced; regardless of what life throws your way. It is essentially a framework that helps your mind be happier, healthier and less distracted.

This experiential learning meditation workshop will cover:

15mins – Context
15mins – Practice/Experience
15mins  – Summary, Tips & Questions

Resources will be shared to help you develop a regular practice.

Start small…and set yourself up for success…1% better at a time.

The continuity of practice, is the secret to success.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Equip you with a solid foundation and multiple meditation techniques
  • You will be able to continue to practice (and benefit) into the future
  • Live more mindfully and equanimously during the day
  • Be more aware and balanced; regardless of what life throws your way

This workshop is for families of people with Down syndrome.

Workshop date:

Wednesday 2 September 7pm-8pm

(please sign in at 6.45pm for a 7pm sharp start)


Tomas Jajesnica

Tomas Jajesnica is on a mission to make his organisation redundant in his lifetime. That day will come when employees are calm, focused and clear. Yet over the last few years, the opposite is happening with mental health being the highest growing medical concern.

Tomas has spent over 10,000 hours practicing a ‘meta’ skill for his own personal and professional development. He has taught over 50,000 employees and speaks with passion and pragmatism when facilitating and training this ‘skill’, one that improves all other skills. You can find more information about Tomas, his team, and their philosphies over on the Mr Meditate website.

With thanks to the kind support of Qenos we are able to offer this workshop for families free of charge.