NDIS & Nominees – Important process for parents and carers!

NDIS & Nominees – Important process for parents and carers! thumbnail.

Is your teen with Down syndrome turning 18? Are you their Child Representative at the NDIS? If you are, act quickly before their birthday!

Recently a young person who had just had their 18th birthday got something unexpected for their birthday– the gift of 100% responsibility of communicating with the NDIA about everything to do with their NDIS plan. The afternoon of their birthday, their carer phoned up to ask the Local Area Coordinator a question… and they wouldn’t talk to the carer! This was a bit of a surprise, given the two usually spoke often. However, when the young person turned 18, the carer immediately was wiped off the system as the young person’s Child Representative. To be allowed to speak about their case or on their behalf they would need to be made their NOMINEE.

What’s a Nominee then?
The NDIA website says: “a nominee of a participant [can] act on behalf of, or make decisions on behalf of a [NDIS] participant.  It is important to remember that this is a last resort measure.”


It’s great that the NDIA want people with disabilities to be in charge of their own plans. However, just because someone has turned 18 doesn’t always mean they suddenly have the skills, knowledge and capacity to deal completely with the NDIA on their own. If your teen is turning 18, have a conversation with them about this. If they are happy to have you continue to liaise with the NDIA then you will need to become their NOMINEE.

Like most things NDIS, it’s not always simple. There are actually three types of Nominee. To figure out whether you should become all three, have a read of the NDIS website here or call Casey at (07)3356 6655 in the office. 

  • Plan Nominee
  • Payment Nominee
  • Correspondence Nominee

How to become a NOMINEE?

  • Go into your local LAC or NDIA office with your young person
  • Take ID with you and request to become NOMINEE
  • Your 18 year old must want you to be their nominee and provide their consent
  • They will ask both of you some questions to confirm and you will fill in some paperwork

Do this BEFORE your teen turns 18 or suddenly, otherwise you will cease to be their Child Representative and suddenly have no access to continue to speak with the LAC or NDIA about their situation, at least no more than the next person.   If you have any questions on this or other NDIS issues, contact Casey at DSQ ndissupport@downsyndromeqld.org.au.