DSWA – Pathways to Independence Workshops

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Down Syndrome Australia (DSA) the national peak body for Down Syndrome is co-ordinating the Pathways to Independence Project which includes the delivery of workshops by States and Territories to support family members to develop skills and learn more about helping person with Down Syndrome to be more independent.

Down Syndrome WA is co-ordinating the delivery of workshops from August to November 2021, some of which are designed for people with Down Syndrome and others for family and caregivers of people with Down Syndrome.

Each of these workshops will include a co-facilitator with lived experience who can share their story either as a person living with Down Syndrome or a caregiver of a person with Down Syndrome.


The following dates generally have been scheduled for workshops in Perth. Workshops times are generally 1-3pm or 2-4pm.

For Parent/Family /Caregivers:

Circles of Support – Sat 7th August with Belinda Henderson
Community Connections – Sat 4th September with Rebecca McLean
Building & Supporting Independence – Sat 25th September with Nimi Mammen

For People with Down Syndrome:

Self-Advocacy – Sat 11th September with Josh Ford
Decision Making- Sat 16th October with Andrew Domahidy
Staying Healthy – Sat 30th October with Jessica Toster
Community Participation – Sat 7th November with Jesse Makley

Look out for the Workshop Flyers -posted on Facebook and circulated by email closer to the date