We need your help to support new and expectant parents

We need your help to support new and expectant parents thumbnail.

My name is Sonia Bonadio, I am the Family Support Manager at Down Syndrome Victoria.

I work closely with new and prospective parents to provide sensitive personal guidance and critical support to help navigate what can be a challenging time. I visit families at home and hospital and provide support over the phone or email. 

At DSV we’re actively advocating for new and prospective parents, however we need your help to make our efforts go even further.

Did you know that in Australia approximately nine out of 10 pregnancies diagnosed with a higher chance of Down syndrome end in termination?  

There is considerable evidence, despite guidelines, that appropriate and unbiased information about screening is not provided to parents and acceptance of screening is frequently presumed.  

We hold serious concerns about the lack of balanced, evidence-based information given to prospective parents by medical practitioners about Down syndrome in the context of prenatal screening.  

We believe families have the right to feel supported in their choices no matter which paths they choose. We aim to provide balanced, accurate information so that families can make informed decisions within the context of their family unit.

Currently we receive no funding for our prenatal services and limited government support for our postnatal service offering. We rely entirely on donations to ensure delivery of this essential support.   

Your generosity will help us advocate and continue to provide services for new and prospective parents. 


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