40th Annual General Meeting of Down Syndrome Association of New South Wales Inc.

October 25, 2020

11:00am (NSW)

Online Meeting

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Sunday 25th October 2020 – 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Venue: ZoomLogin here

Keynote Address

Emeritus Professor Trevor Parmenter AM 
Medicine, Northern Clinical School, Centre for Disability Studies University of Sydney  

“40 years on: Much Achieved, Much to be done! Challenges ahead for people with Down syndrome and their families” 

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AGM Minutes 2019

Agenda 2020

President & CEO Report

Presentation Reference Material Emeritus Professor Parmenter


1. Attendance 

2. Apologies 

3. Proxies  

4. Welcome and acknowledgement of the traditional owners 

5. Virtual meeting guidelines 

6. Minutes AGM 27 October 2019 
Motion: to accept the minutes of the AGM 27 October 2019
Mover             Seconder

7. Business arising from 2019 AGM minutes 

8. Annual report: President Hayley Warren 
Motion: to accept the President’s report 2020

 9. Annual reflections – Up!CLUB President Tara Eliffe 

10. Treasurer’s Report and Auditor’s Report – Nicholas Gotsis 
Motion: to accept the balance sheet and the income and expenditure accounts for the preceding year and the audited financial report 2019-2020.

11. Appointment of auditor 
Motion: that the firm SDJ Audit Pty Ltd is appointed as the auditor for 2020-2021 financial year.
Mover  Nicholas Gotsis           Seconder

12. General Business
13. Appointment of Directors and Office Bearers of the Board:Report by Returning Officer Returning officer: Brian Arons
Motion: That the Report of the Returning Officer be accepted                         
Mover                        Seconder

14. Appointment of Life members 
Motion: That Paula Rix be offered Life membership of Down Syndrome Association NSW Inc. in recognition of her 40 years of service to people with Down syndrome and more broadly people with disability.
 Mover Margot Elliffe Seconder
15. Keynote address: 40 years on: Much Achieved, Much to be done! Challenges ahead for people with Down syndrome and their families.
Emeritus Professor Trevor Parmenter AM
Medicine, Northern Clinical School, Centre for Disability Studies University of Sydney        

16. Close of Formal Business 
Please join us for a member show case of 2019-2020 and a chat.  


Sunday 25 October 2020

Time: 11:00am pm – 12:30 pm (NSW)


This is online event via Zoom

Instruction Pack

Zoom login here 

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Attendance and RSVP
Required by Friday 23 October 5pm to secretary@dsansw.org.au. Please include your contact details in your reply including mobile phone number, email and address in the response.

IMPORTANT: Each member participating in the meeting is required to have a separate DEVICE to log on to the zoom platform. This is necessary for compliance with attendance and voting procedures. Remember – One device – One vote – One voice!

Online meeting using Zoom meeting platform instructions This is a first for us all to be holding the AGM virtually. Please find some helpful tips below. 

  • Click on the zoom link 5- 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to make sure you connect successfully – you will see the DSANSW logo – you will wait there until the Chair formally invites you into the meeting from 10.55 am.
  • Name- please make sure you write your name in the video box- click on the left hand bottom corner of the video frame and select from the drop down menu ‘change name’ then write in both your first and last name.
  • During the meeting we will ask you to press your mute button. If we have too much noise we will mute all from the central control.
  • Voting: you will be asked to vote by poll during the meeting
  • Questions- please write questions in the `chat’ box and we will aim to answer as many as possible during the meeting.
  • Recording– the session will be recorded.

Make a cupper and grab a tasty treat. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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