Developing and organising a student support folder

February 8, 2022

6:00 pm (VIC)

Online (Workshop)

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Let’s identify what you will need to get organised and prepared for your child’s school meetings as well as how to create a support folder.


This workshop is for parents and carers of children with Down syndrome. In this workshop we will identify what you will need to get organised and prepared for your child’s school meetings and you will learn how to create a student support folder. This folder can help you to communicate and work collaboratively with a variety of people within your child’s support team.


Date: Tuesday 8 February

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (VIC)


This is an online event.

About the event

This is a free event for parents and carers.

Expected learning outcomes:

• To identify relevant information the school will need

• To gather and organise that information

• How to use the folder to effectively communicate with your child’s school

• Tips for successful school meetings

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Heidi Gregory

Heidi Gregory is well known to many as the Founder of Dyslexia Victoria Support, a parent support group with thousands of members across Victoria. A passionate advocate for social justice, evidence-based literacy instruction, and intervention for all, including those with dyslexia. Heidi is a Committee member of SPELD Victoria. Heidi is living the parenting journey with dyslexia, has a background in library and records management, and currently works as an Information Specialist. Heidi has been presenting the Student Support Binder workshops for about four years to parents and interested specialists.

Paula Kilgallon

Paula Kilgallon

Paula Kilgallon is an experienced teacher who has worked in primary schools in both Australia and overseas. She also has experience teaching socially disadvantaged children with Berry Street. Paula has post graduate qualifications in Psychology, having completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology with Monash University. Paula joined the Down Syndrome Victoria Education Support Team in January 2019, and is committed to helping students achieve their goals.Nurse with 30 years of experience in Disability and Mental Health. Jane has a background in Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment and Trauma.

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