Dr Brian Skotko Online Webinar

July 8, 2022



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A Board-certified medical geneticist, Dr. Brian Skotko has dedicated his professional energies toward children with cognitive and developmental disabilities. He co-authored the national award-winning books, Common Threads: Celebrating Life with Down Syndrome and Fasten Your Seatbelt: A Crash Course on Down Syndrome for Brothers and Sisters. He is a graduate of Duke University, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Kennedy School, and he is currently an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Skotko is a leader on clinical and translational research about Down syndrome. He has been featured in The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesThe Washington PostThe L.A. Times, NPR’s “On Point,” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Dr. Skotko has a sister with Down syndrome and serves on the Honorary Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and as the Director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Down Syndrome Program.

Two of the most common, yet challenging, questions that Dr. Skotko is asked by caregivers:

(1) How can you prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome?

(2) How might we boost their cognition?

While exciting research is unfolding in laboratories across the world, there are strategies that caregivers can take right now in respect to these two questions. In this webinar, Dr. Skotko reveals his recommendations, which must meet all of the following criteria: (a) supported, in part, by quality science, (b) have practical applications for home, (c) be adaptable to people with Down syndrome, and (d) pose no risk to people with Down syndrome.

This is not a webinar on how best to educate people with Down syndrome. This is not a webinar about supplements or nutraceuticals. Instead, Dr. Skotko provides a set of actions that caregivers can take that might improve the long-term wellness for their loved one with Down syndrome. You will come away with immediate steps that can be implemented right now with your loved ones with Down syndrome. 

There will be a time limited opportunity to ask questions at then end of the webinar. To help facilitate the discussion and ensure similar questions aren’t repeated, we kindly ask that you submit any questions via the survey Monkey link prior to the day. If there are additional questions that arise, we will endeavor to have them answered, time permitting.