Down syndrome

Within this area of the website you will find information relating to Down syndrome. We understand that sometimes lots of information can be overwhelming. If you are having difficulties finding the correct information relating to what you are searching for, we encourage you to contact us at

You can get local and state based information by contacting your local association.

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What is Down syndrome?

Here you will find all of the details about Down syndrome. This includes:

  • facts, figures, research and up-to-date, evidence based information on the genetic condition itself; 
  • what it means to have Down syndrome, and an intellectual disability; 
  • the ability to live an ordinary life;
  • being an individual; and importantly 
  • the power of language when talking about a person with Down syndrome. 

Find out more about what Down syndrome is.

Research and Statistics

We have collated and presented the best available population data. In the absence of a national register, or even universal data collection, this is the best evidence publicly available at the current time. 

Down Syndrome Australia also supports research that aims to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families. This section highlights that information, and also outlines our policy on acting as an agent to offer access to members for researchers. 

Read the research on Down syndrome.

Prenatal Information

Down Syndrome Australia provides prenatal support and information including a prenatal fact sheet that contains easy-to-understand, factual and balanced information for people considering prenatal testing or if a test shows that a baby may have or does have Down syndrome.

Information on testing for Down syndrome.

New Parents

Congratulations on your new baby! Within this page you will find information and support for parents of a baby with Down syndrome.

Information and support for new parents.

Government Support

Navigating the government support available for people with a disability can be challenging at the best of times. This section of the website provides information on the parts of the disability service system that are delivered nationally or are nationally consistent - in particular, the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Historically disability services have been delivered by state and territory governments, and it will continue in this way until the NDIS is fully rolled out. These are somewhat fragmented and difficult to navigate and we recommend that you contact your local Down syndrome association for better details about what is available locally in your state or territory.

Read about the government support available for people with Down syndrome.

Education and Employment

A quality education is key to improving an individual's life chances, and employment is a key element towards independence for people with Down syndrome. However, these pathways can be complicated as it varies in each state and territory. We encourage you to contact your local Down syndrome association to discuss these pathways more fully.

What education and employment opportunities are there for people with Down syndrome?

Health and Wellbeing

This section outlines some medical and health matters affecting people with Down syndrome, as well as some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on convential and alternative therapies.

Health and medical information relating to Down syndrome.