Down syndrome

Education and employment


A quality education is key to improving an individual's life chances. This is no less true for people with Down syndrome. Different education options are available to people with Down syndrome however they vary depending on your state or territory. Please contact your local Down syndrome association for more details.


Employment is a key element towards independence for people with Down syndrome; however the pathway to employment can be very complicated as this is different in each state and territory. This section of the website provides information on the different options available within the national disability employment system, with a recommendation that state and territory offices be consulted for up-to-date local information.

Down Syndrome Australia has also developed it’s own resources on Down Syndrome in the Workplace for employers and employees. You can download these resources on our resources page.

Disability Employment Services (DES's)

Disability Employment Services are organisations that receive government funding to help people with disability, including people with Down syndrome, obtain and retain regular jobs, otherwise known as 'open employement'.

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE's)

Australian Disability Enterprises are commercial enterprises that have been government funded to provide employment for people with moderate to severe disability who need substantial ongoing support to maintain employment.