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World Down Syndrome Day 2020 – Day 18

18 March 2020

Bus Stop Films has been an inclusive film making company for over 10 years and developed an Accessible Film Studies Program for students with a disability. This 40-week program teaches tertiary-level film studies subjects where the students, are involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process. Genevieve Clay-Smith is the co-founder of Bus Stop Films who took the program to Mongolia and convened an inclusive film crew resulting in the production of the film Stairs. Here she explains the project:

World Down Syndrome Day 2020 – Day 17

17 March 2020

Tara Coughlan and Max McAuley are two young professional artists working as senior dancers with Sprung!!, an integrated dance theatre company based in Ballina, northern NSW. Both Tara and Max are heavily involved in the creation of the dance works in which they perform, from the character development to the choreography, under the guidance of Creative Director Michael Hennessy.

World Down Syndrome Day 2020 – Day 16

16 March 2020

People often view living rural as a negative when it comes to raising a child with a disability however for ‘Our Nell’ it is a community of strength and support. Although we may travel for most medical apppointments, we do have a lot of excellent perks. Her physio comes to our home and one of Australia’s top paediatricians lives around the corner.

World Down Syndrome Day 2020 – Day 15

15 March 2020

When businesses consider the diverse needs of their customers, it is possible to create spaces that benefit everyone.

Beyond Bank has a proud 60-year history of supporting customers and our local communities. Through important partnerships with local and national community groups, we have gained valuable insights as to the different needs of our customers.  From this, we sought to change the way we do things and design a unique branch that truly puts the customer first.

World Down Syndrome Day 2020 – Day 14

14 March 2020

Abi Talbot loves performing. She started ballet lessons as a three-year old and has since added drama and singing to her repertoire.  She has always been included in mainstream classes and her confidence and skills have grown as a result.

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