Productivity Commission Study - Costs of the NDIS

Down Syndrome Australia has provided a submission to the Productivity Commission Study into the Costs of the NDIS.  

Down Syndrome Australia remains strongly committed to the NDIS. The introduction of the NDIS marked a fundamental shift in how disability services are provided in Australia. For people with a disability, for the first time, it means that they have control and choice over the services that they require. Like any transformational policy, the NDIS has experienced some challenges in implementation due to the scale of change required and the rapid pace at which the roll-out is occurring. There are also a range of interface issues with how other sectors relate to NDIS and what services continue to be provided to ensure supports for people with a disability who are not eligible for NDIS packages.

As part of this submission, Down Syndrome Australia has identified a range of issues which should be addressed to ensure that NDIS funding is targeted appropriately and leads to the best outcomes for people with disabilities including: 

  • Supporting participants and families to be well informed about the NDIS, their rights and responsibilities and how the scheme will work. This includes having access to independent advocates particularly for people with Down syndrome who are older and may not have family who can provide this important support. 
  • Improving the planning process so that plans are better matched to the needs of participants and the services that are available. 
  • Ensuring appropriate resourcing of Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC).
  • Ensuring quick access to services and supports such as Early intervention which can reduce future costs to NDIS.
  • Developing better communication between NDIS and Mainstream services and resolving gaps in service provision. 
  • Implementation of the National Disability Strategy which aims to improve access to inclusive mainstream services and the broader community, will have a major impact on both the success of the NDIS and the associated costs.

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