Motion Passed in Parliament

Down Syndrome Australia sincerely thanks Senators Brown, Reynolds and Steele-John for the following important motion in the Australian Senate yesterday, World Down Syndrome Day 2018.

Senator URQUHART(Tasmania—Opposition Whip in the Senate) (15:39):

At the request of senators Brown, Reynolds and Steele-John, I move:

That the Senate notes that:

(a) 21 March 2018 marks World Down Syndrome Day;

(b) the theme for World Down Syndrome Day 2018 is "What I bring to my community";

(c) people with Down Syndrome can and do bring much to the Australian community, despite the many barriers created by

our society;

(d) lack of knowledge about their potential as individuals and discriminatory attitudes often prevent people with Down Syndrome from making full and meaningful contributions to society; and

(e) people with Down Syndrome have a right to participate fully in all aspects of Australian society.

Question agreed to.

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