World Down Syndrome Day 2018

How you can be part of Down Syndrome Australia’s Social Media Campaign in March 2018

Send us your story – you can write it or send us a video. We want to hear from people of all ages. You can get help to do your story and send it to us. Please make sure that photos and videos are clear. Keep the writing to less than 250 words – that’s less than a typed A4 page.

This information sheet is ideas to help you think about what you might put in your story. You can use this information sheet to write on, or send your story separately.

*We may not use everyone’s story, and we may only use parts of stories.

Make sure to include your name and contact information.




Do you prefer phone or email?


If phone, when is a good day or time to call?


Tell us about how you are involved in your community. This could be in school, your job, volunteer work, in sports, your gym, the arts – such as dancing, singing, painting – anything artistic, as a club or committee member. In fact, anything in your community where you are included and feel you are welcomed, appreciated and you belong.


Tell us about any problems you had in getting into this role in your community. Was it hard in any way? Did people try to stop you? How did they do this?


If you had problems, how did you overcome them? And if you had help, who helped you and how?


What is your advice to people in the community? Why should they include people with Down syndrome? What are your tips to help them welcome and include people with Down syndrome?


What is your advice to other people with Down syndrome about getting involved in their community? What are your best tips for getting into and being welcomed as a community member?


*Please send to as soon as possible – before Wednesday 20 December if you can. 

You can download a word version of this information sheet here 

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