The Special Proposal - video

Down Syndrome Australia is proud to announce the release today of a wonderful new video produced for World Down Syndrome Day 2015. 

The Special Proposal was produced by Italy's CoorDown (famous for last year's wonderful Dear Future Mom), and this time, Down Syndrome Australia along with other leading international Down syndrome organisations were invited to contribute to the production of this wonderful video celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2015. Use #specialproposal on social media to spread the word and see what others are saying!

We have embedded the video below, but you can also view it on it's own website at, or on CoorDown's YouTube Channel at You may also be interested in our World Down Syndrome Day page, as well as the global site at

Keep scrolling down after the video to see some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from The Special Proposal. Enjoy!


Behind the scenes photos

A friend adjusting Salvatore's bowtie

The chorus walking into McDonalds with Salvatore behind them

Salvatore bending on one knee presenting Caterina with a key



Salvatore and Caterina embracing with Caterina holding the key


Salvatore and Caterina kissing












Salvatore and Caterina hugging

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