World Down Syndrome Day 2018 – Day 4

Nick likes being social Nick McMahon

Hi! I am Nick McMahon. I am 27 years old. I live in Adelaide.

I work 3 days each week at Bedford Industries. I do packaging and I work in the Laundry.

I go to Life Ed class one day each week to learn life skills and I enjoy the cooking.

I really like to go to Club Slick which is rock and roll each month. I also like going to Club Strike for bowling each month.

I also go to the gym each week. I sometimes go to see movies at cinemas and I watch DVDs at home.

In the past, I have been a performer in rock and roll dance groups. These groups are young DS people like me. Our groups have performed at World Down Syndrome Congresses. I was at Singapore in 2004, Vancouver in 2006 and Dublin in 2009.

Soon I will be involved in NDIS discussions. This is new and there may be changes to make.

My role in DSAN is to represent other DS adults. I find out what they want and need to improve their lives. I talk about this at meetings. Deb Green helps me with this.

Thank you.  Nick McMahon

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