For Professionals

The Down Syndrome NSW training team can tailor workshops and presentations to meet the particular needs of your group. Contact us on 9841 4444
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The Down Syndrome NSW training team can tailor workshops and presentations to meet the particular needs of your group.

We offer training workshops and professional development workshops for:

  • Educators from pre-school to college
  • Hospitals, GPs, undergraduates and allied health
  • NDIS service providers
  • Employers
  • DES and SLES providers
  • Aged care facility staff
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An example of some of the courses we can offer:

For Schools

Playing to their Strengths: Understanding the learning profile of a student with Down syndrome.

Essential training for all educators working with a child with Down syndrome.  The latest research and practical classroom strategies to support educators to maximise outcomes for students with Down syndrome.

For Professionals

Understanding ‘Normal’, ‘Usual’, and ‘Common’ behaviour in people with Down syndrome

Essential training for employers and other staff who will be working with a person with Down syndrome.  Learn how to best support them in the workplace to achieve best outcomes for all.

Understanding adults with Down syndrome and ageing

A consumers perspective: Understanding people with Down syndrome

For Employers

Understanding People with Down syndrome in the Workplace

Please Contact us for bookings and enquiries.  

We also have a comprehensive range of Community Inclusion Kits to help you better understand how to support a person with Down syndrome in health, education, employment and community.