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Down syndrome

Prenatal information

Prenatal diagnosis support

Down Syndrome Australia provides prenatal support and information including a prenatal fact sheet that contains easy-to-understand, factual and balanced information for people considering prenatal testing or if a test shows that a baby may have or does have Down syndrome.

This national 1300 number (1300 881 935) will connect callers to their local state or territory Down syndrome support organisation to enable access to non-directive information, to ask questions and to speak to, or arrange to speak to, a parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Australia recommends that whenever prenatal testing is provided in Australia, good quality information and time for prospective parents to deliberate are also included to ensure best practice. Further current, up-to-date and balanced information on Down syndrome, examples of lived experiences and links to other non-directive resources and avenues for support can be found in our resources section.

Prenatal factsheet PDF