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Mid-Year Appeal: Supporting Latch-On

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Create a brighter future for young adults with intellectual disabilities!

We are thrilled to launch our mid-year appeal campaign for the Latch-On program. This innovative literacy program uses computer technology to provide young adults with intellectual disabilities opportunities for literacy development, independence, and work placement.

Traditional teaching styles blend with technology instruction and health and fitness education, making Latch-On more than just a program. It’s a pathway to independence!

The Difference Your Donation Makes

Here are some examples of how your generosity can make a difference:

A donation of $50 can provide stationery for one student in the Latch-On class for one term. With 43 participants
in this program, your donation can make a significant impact on their learning experience.

A donation of $100 can cover additional costs to provide participant support for one Latch-On class excursion.
Each class does four excursions per year, and with six Latch-On classes in progress, your donation can help
provide opportunities for these young adults to explore and learn.

A donation of $320 can cover venue costs to run one Latch-On class for one week in a regional location. With
Latch-On currently running in three locations outside of Brisbane, your donation can help us provide equal
opportunities for all participants.

A donation of $650 can provide one laptop for one participant to be used in the Latch-On program. With 43
participants in this program, your donation can help provide essential resources and opportunities for their
literacy development.

A donation of $1225 can cover the cost of assessment materials for Latch-On teachers to conduct baseline and
improvement testing to monitor participant development and progress throughout the program. This can help
us tailor our teaching methods and provide personalized support for each participant.

A donation of $2450 can help cover the gap between the NDIS Price Guide cost and the actual cost for one
participant to complete the Latch-On program. With 43 participants in this program, your donation can make a
significant difference in supporting these young adults to achieve their full potential.

Regular Giving

Regular giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can help support Latch-On. It’s automatic and flexible making the giving process easy for you. Simply choose a gift amount to be debited from your credit card or nominated bank account once a fortnight/month. You can update your payment details, update the gift amount or cancel or pause this at any stage.  We will provide you with an annual statement each July to help you with your tax return.  You can register your regular giving here:

Fundraise for us!

You can also raise funds any other time of the year that suits you – whether it’s adding a workplace fundraiser to your office social calendar or taking part in a challenge, or joining us through our charity events you can make a difference while having fun and raising awareness for Down Syndrome Queensland.

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