Prenatal Screening

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Have you received unexpected news following prenatal screening?

People often contact our service to better understand their screening results. We can offer information and support through this process, as you explore what raising a child with Down syndrome may mean for you and your family. We can also assist you with understanding more about a diagnosis of Down syndrome and provide information on options available if you are undecided about continuing with the pregnancy.

Down Syndrome Queensland believes that families have the right to feel supported in their choices no matter which path they choose. We aim to provide balanced, evidence-based information so that people can feel empowered to move forward. 

Along with the information that you are being offered from your GP, Genetic Counsellor or specialist team, we can offer free assistance to:

  • Understand the difference between screening and diagnostic results and what these mean
  • Provide current information about Down syndrome
  • Discuss what this news may mean for your pregnancy, and / or for your family
  • Explore your options, including time frames to consider
  • Provide unbiased support through the decision-making process
  • Follow up support

If you would like to refer yourself or your patient to us for further information and support, please click on the below buttons and complete the form

As the peak body for people living with Down syndrome and their support networks in Queensland, we offer balanced, current and evidence-based information and support.

This is a Queensland-wide professionally-delivered service, with support offered flexibly (phone, email, Zoom, in-person where location allows). The support service is also available for any healthcare professional, community service, carer or family members supporting someone who has received unexpected news about their pregnancy.

Alongside this information we can facilitate – if desired – the opportunity to connect with people with Down syndrome, and / or parents and families for perspectives on lived experience.