Below you will find some great national resources on Down syndrome over various topics. 

Make sure you head to your local state or territory website for information local to you! 

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What do you know about Down syndrome?What do you know about DS

What do you know about Down syndrome (PDF) is a brochure with general information about Down syndrome. Hard copies are available from Down Syndrome Victoria

Down Syndrome TodayDown Syndrome Today

Down Syndrome Today is a 68-page colour booklet which provides a comprehensive introduction to Down syndrome. The text is complimented by Personal Perspectives - reflections by people with Down syndrome and their families. Hard copies are available from Down Syndrome Victoria.

Down syndrome research and population statistics

You can read more about current research and population statistics on our Research and statistics page

Greater Expectations book cover

Greater Expectations: Living with Down Syndrome in the 21st Century

Based on more than sixty personal interviews and supported by scholarly research, this book by Jan Gothard shows the varied attitudes and approaches which together make up the rich experience of living with Down syndrome in a changing society.

You can order online from the publisher, or email Down Syndrome Western Australia.  

Nina Rose and her Dancing Prince

by Sandra Wise 

A beautifully worded and illustrated book (44 pages) aimed at primary school-age children. Nina Rose and Amy always loved dancing on the beach. One day they were joined by Hugh, a young friend with Down syndrome. Together they hatch a plan to help him compete in the school dance contest - and the adventure begins.

You can order a hard or soft cover book from Down Syndrome Western Australia, email them with your enquiry. 

Dream Big! For Young People with Down syndrome and their Families 

A useful resource produced by Down Syndrome Western Australia to help plan for life after school, demonstrating that people with Down syndrome should always aim to Dream Big! 

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Prenatal testing for Down syndrome fact sheet DSA Prenatal resource

This fact sheet (PDF) contains easy-to-understand, factual and balanced information for people considering prenatal testing or if a test shows that a baby may have or does have Down syndrome. 

Down Syndrome Today video

A short video, Down Syndrome Today, aimed at health professionals to encourage a contemporary view of Down syndrome today and end the out-dated, negative stereotypes of Down syndrome and encourage a more balanced approach when working with families, particularly in the prenatal period. This video is available on You Tube with closed captioning at or below:

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New Parent ResourceNew Parent Resource

The New Parent Resource is a booklet designed specifically for parents and families with a new baby who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. This booklet will help you understand what Down syndrome is, and what it means in the real world. It is packed with stories from families around Australia and it has the latest information on everything from dealing with well-meaning people to finding support in your part of the country. You can download the resource on our New parents page

Now I See

A not-for-profit book written and edited locally and launched on World Down Syndrome Day 2014, in which fifty parents from Australia and New Zealand tell their personal and poignant stories of how they came, not simply to accept, but to embrace and celebrate life with their child with Down syndrome. Visit their website at to learn more or order your own copy.

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Enabled LearningEnabled Learning

Enabled Learning is a resources for educators working with students with Down syndrome. It combines information, insights, research, practical strategies and ideas to expand the understanding of teachers and provide tools, ideas and resources that can be incorporated into each individual educational context. 

Enabled Learning, Primary or Secondary, is available for purchase from the DSAQ online shop

Reading our wayReading Our Way

Reading Our Way is an exciting reading program developed by DSAQ that has been designed to teach early reading and word recognition to both children and adults with an intellectual disability. The all-inclusive program teaches sight words through fun, interactive and engaging activities, with everything that is needed to implement the program included in the kit. 

The kit can be purchased directly from Reading Our Way or from the DSAQ online shop

Today I learned about Down syndromeToday I learned about DS

Today I learned about Down syndrome is a brochure for classmates of learners with Down syndrome. Hard copies are available from Down Syndrome Victoria

School awareness package

The objective of the Schools Awareness (otherwise known as Lots of Socks) package is to raise awareness of Down syndrome in primary school settings and to assist social and educational inclusion of children with Down syndrome in their school community. This classroom education activity can be included as part of the creative writing curriculum for all primary school grades. The definitions and explanations contained within the package are levelled at primary school children and the language is easy to understand for children from five years of age. 

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Down Syndrome and Dementia: A Guide for Families New

A new resource published by Down Syndrome Australia on the link between Down syndrome and Dementia. 

Ageing and Down syndrome 

A resource published by Down Syndrome Australia on Ageing and Down syndrome. Don't forget to also download the Health Record to complete as you go through the resource. 

Mental wellness and healthy living​

An on-demand webinar now available from Down Syndrome NSW called "Promoting strengths and mental wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome: Lessons learned" from the Adult Down Syndrome Center, Chicago with Dennis McGuire.

Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease

Research has established a link between Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease (PDF) is a 7-page booklet which seeks to explain what is currently known about this link, and discusses the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome and some information about where to find additional support.

Dementia and Intellectual Disability

The Centre for Developmental Disability Health was funded by Disability Services Division, Department of Human Services, to produce learning modules for disability staff supporting people who were at risk of developing, or had already been identified as having, dementia. 

There are 4 modules in the series addressing key questions you may have when supporting someone with dementia. Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can pause or rewind at any time to make notes or review content and you can view them at their website.

Living with Dementia: A families and carers guide 

Down Syndrome Scotland have produced a practical guide with lots of solutions on things to try when certain problems occur that are associated with dementia occurring. 

CHAP - the Comprehensive Health Assessment Program 

CHAP enhances collaboration between a person with intellectual disability, their support or carer, and their GP, by provided a detailed health history. It is designed to minimise the barriers to healthcare and was developed by the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability by Professor Nick Lennox. The program is used around Australia by state governments and non-government organisations such as Endeavour Foundation, and is being trialled by other countries. 

Find out more about CHAP

Dental Care Guidance for Caregivers of Patients with Down Syndrome

Visit the Emergency Dentists blog for some helpful information on dental care specific to patients with Down syndrome.  

The Down Syndrome NOW (Needs, Opinions, Wishes) Report

Visit our Research and Statistics page for more information on the Down Syndrome NOW Report, which provides descriptions of medical conditions and functional abilities by age, as well as infrmaiton on the family and utilisation of support services. 

Jenny's Diary 

A resource to support conversations about dementia with people who have an intellectual disability

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Down syndrome in the workplace for employers 

A resource published by Down Syndrome Australia for employers (PDF).

Down syndrome in the workplace for employees 

A resource published by Down Syndrome Australia for employees (PDF).

Ticket to WorkTransitions to Employment of Australian Young People with Disability and the Ticket to Work Initiative

Visit our Research and Statistics page for more information on the Transitions to Employment of Australian Young People with Disabilit and the Ticket to Work intiative, which explores the transition from school to work within the context of young people with a disability. .