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Down Syndrome Australia resources

Down Syndrome and Dementia: A Guide for Families

Dementia guide coverA new resource published by Down Syndrome Australia on the link between Down syndrome and Dementia.

Voice articles

Voice article – Dementia in people with Down syndrome: What does the research tell us?

Down Syndrome State and Territory resources

Voice article – Dementia in people with Down syndrome (Vic)

Rachel Carling-Jenkins and Jane Tracy wrote this Voice article about the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and how it is diagnosed.

Resources from other organisations

Living with Dementia: A families and carers guide

Down Syndrome Scotland have produced a practical guide with lots of solutions on things to try when certain problems occur that are associated with dementia occurring.

Dementia and Intellectual Disability

The Centre for Developmental Disability Health was funded by Disability Services Division, Department of Human Services, to produce learning modules for disability staff supporting people who were at risk of developing, or had already been identified as having, dementia.

There are 4 modules in the series addressing key questions you may have when supporting someone with dementia. Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can pause or rewind at any time to make notes or review content and you can view them at their website.

Supported Decision Making - A Guide for people living with dementia, family members and carers

This Consumer Guide and Help Sheet have been developed by the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre at the University of Sydney. The Guide aims to support and help people living with dementia to make decisions about their lives. The Help Sheet provides an introduction to supported decision-making, including who can be involved, some tips on how to go about the process, and links to further resources. More information is also available from the website.

Jenny’s Diary

Jenny’s Diary is a free to download booklet and a set of postcards. It is aimed at supporting conversations about dementia with people who have a learning (intellectual) disability. The resources can be found at Jenny’s Diary.

Video – Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group

Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group (UK) are working on a study in partnership with the Down’s Syndrome Association and the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre. There is also more information at the Down’s Syndrome Association website.

Talk – Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Down Syndrome

Brad Christian gave this talk about biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease at the 2016 Down Syndrome Day with the Experts at the Waisman Center (USA). You can find more talks at the Waisman Center website.