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Down Syndrome Australia resources

Supported decision making

This resource explains what supported decision making is, why it is important, and how to make it happen. The Guide can be accessed here

Voice articles

Voice article – A simple guide to estate planning

Resources from other organisations

Voting and disability

The Australian Electoral Commission have developed information for people with a disability about enrolling to vote. This is available at AEC - Information for people with disability.

Easy English guides are also available at AEC - Easy English guides.


Information about consent and decision making is available at Capacity Australia - About Decision Making Capacity.

The RACGP have an article on the capacity to consent to treatment. This is available at RACGP - Capacity to consent to treatment.

Case study – Jenny Hatch (USA)

You can read Jenny’s story about how she won back her right to make her own decisions. You can find more information at the Jenny Hatch Justice Project website.

Talk – When Young Adults Turn 18: Considerations for Supported Decision-Making

Elizabeth Hecht gave this talk about supported-decision making for young adults at the 2017 Down Syndrome Day with the Experts at the Waisman Center (USA). You can find more talks at the Waisman Center website.