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Down Syndrome Australia resources

Prenatal Screening Position Statement

The DSA position statement on prenatal screening has been developed to set out Down Syndrome Australia’s position on prenatal testing (screening and diagnostic) for Down syndrome. This document is also available in pdf format.

Prenatal testing for Down syndrome fact sheet

DSA Prenatal resourceThis fact sheet contains easy-to-understand, factual and balanced information for people considering prenatal testing or if a test shows that a baby may have or does have Down syndrome.

Expectant Parent Guide

Expectant Parents Guide coverDown Syndrome Australia have developed an Expectant parent guide to provide balanced information about Down syndrome to expectant parents.

Resources available in other languages

The Expectant Guide has been translated into five languages – Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic and Vietnamese. The translated versions are available on our Translated resources page.

Down Syndrome State and Territory resources

Voice articles from Down Syndrome Victoria and Down Syndrome NSW

You can read about prenatal testing and genetic counselling in these Voice articles:

Prenatal testing for Down syndrome: the real discussion by Hans S. Reinders

Genetic counselling and prenatal testing by Dr Jan Hodgson and Dr Melody Menezes

Resources from other organisations

Understanding Down syndrome online booklet (USA)

This resource has been developed by Lettercase with the Down Syndrome Consensus Group. It includes information about receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis, medical issues and adoption. You can read the booklet at the Understanding Down syndrome website.

Down Syndrome Pregnancy (USA)

The Down Syndrome Pregnancy website has articles and books for expectant parents who are preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.

Prenatal Testing pamphlet from Global Down Syndrome Foundation (USA)

This pamphlet includes statistics about Down syndrome and medical information for families and carers. You can find the pamphlet at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation website.

Other resources

Karen Gaffney, All lives matter – YouTube video

T21 Mum Australia – Facebook page

Dear Future Mom – YouTube video