Prenatal and New Parent

The Down Syndrome Federation provides support and information to new parents and expecting parents. Find out more about our services below.
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Services for expectant and new parents

When a baby with Down syndrome is born, parents need accurate and current information about Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Federation provides support and information to new parents and expecting parents.

Here are some of the services that our state and territory associations offer parents and families.

  • Family support services 
  • Information and advice about Down syndrome
  • Information about local support groups 
  • Connecting with another parent
  • New parent packs
  • Online support groups for parents
  • Membership with your local association
  • Workshops and webinars

New Parent Information Pack

Looking for information for new parents? Download our New Parent Information Pack.

These resources are designed specifically for parents and families with a new baby who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Family Support
New Parent Information Pack

Get in touch

Our national 1300 number (1300 881 935) will connect you to your local state or territory Down syndrome support organisation. The staff can help you find information, answer your questions and to arrange for you to meet another parent of a child with Down syndrome.

Find out more about services in your area

Visit our state association web pages for information about supports for new parents in your area.
Click on your state to find out more.

More info

Are you looking for information? You can find more information in our prenatal resources and new parent resources.

Prenatal and new parent services

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Parents and expecting parents need good up-to-date information about Down syndrome.

Parents can get good information and support from the Down Syndrome Federation organisations in their state.

Expectant parent guide

There is some prenatal information for expecting parents.

There is also some information for parents who have a new baby with Down syndrome.

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This is a national phone number that links people to their local organisation.

1300 881 935

Staff at the local organisation can help with information and answer questions.

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They can organise for people to talk with a parent of a child with Down syndrome.

You can find information about services and supports where you live on your state organisation’s website.