FitSkills: Bendigo & Melbourne

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DSV FitSkills: Coming to Bendigo & Melbourne!

Trying to get to the gym but finding it too hard?

Do you need a partner to help you go to the gym?

We are excited to announce that Down Syndrome Victoria is piloting the FitSkills Program in Bendigo & Melbourne!

FitSkills is a evidence-based physical activity program for people with Down syndrome. In this program the person with Down syndrome will be matched with a volunteer partner. Together they will exercise at their local gym, fitness centre or health club. The program runs for 12 weeks and participants go to the gym together twice a week.

As part of the program DSV will:

  • Match the person with Down syndrome to a volunteer partner
  • Provide training and supervision to volunteer partner
  • Organise access to the local gym
  • Provide a physiotherapist prescribed, individualised and goals-based exercise program for the person with Down syndrome

We are looking for lots of people to get involved. Not only adults with Down syndrome, but also volunteers and gyms.

There are lots of benefits to everyone for being involved in the FitSkills program, such as:

  • Increased physical fitness
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Increased community inclusion

How can you get involved?

FitSkills for adults with Down syndrome

FitSkills for volunteers

FitSkills for gyms

FitSkills is supported by Access for All Abilities, an initiative of the Victorian Government.