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This page is about how people with Down syndrome can find and keep a job.
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Current job opportunities


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If no opportunities are currently posted here, please get in touch! We can connect you to information, support and employment opportunities.

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What is employment?

Employment is having a job.

There are lots of different jobs.

You should look for a job that matches your interests and skills.

Having a job means that you will earn money to pay for things, learn new skills, and meet new people.

Work Readiness Program

DSA has a program to help you get ready for work.

This program will help you develop skills and be more confident to get a job.

Some of the things in this program include how to make a resume, how to get ready for a job interview, and how to act at work.  

For more information about this program, contact your local Down syndrome association.

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Contact Down Syndrome Australia for more information about this program.