DSQ Coffee Brew

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The DSQ Brew

Take a moment for you, with a DSQ Brew



Take a moment for you with a DSQ Brew

Inspired by perfection through inclusion; the inclusion being all the beans blended together to make the perfect brew, which plays on the inclusion of everyone to make a perfect world. The DSQ Brew brings together Brazilian and Colombian beans, balanced by beans from regions in Uganda and Guatemala. This blend is works well in both automatic and manual espresso machines, producing a rich and flavoursome shot that most coffee lovers will enjoy.

This inclusive blend is top-heavy with fruit goodness. The sweet, DSQ Brew has a nutty character and leaves no bitterness at the end of the ride.

It’s also great for customers who have enjoyed our other mid-range coffee blends and who own a Stovetop, French Press (plunger) or paper filter device, such as AeroPress.

You need a moment for you, you must have a DSQ Brew.


Grind options:

  • Beans
  • Plunger
  • Flair Espresso
  • Metal filter


Price inclusive of postage is $55 for 1kg and $35 for 500gms


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Coffee Brew

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