Dreaming of a city life

Joshua Firrell has big plans to move into the city one day.
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By Josh Firrell

I live on a farm with my family, and I would like to move to the city.

I would like to move out to Toowoomba and I’d like to share a house with my friends.

I’ve wanted to move out of home forever.

My parents are happy and excited for me.

I just need to learn some cooking. Me and my mum cook tacos for Taco Tuesday.

I wash the clothes and put them on the line. I do all the family washing. I fold the clothes on a Friday too. I also clean the bathroom basin and do dusting.

It makes me feel excited to live by myself.

I was born in Toowoomba in 1997. I think it’s a nice place to live.

My sister Ellen lives there too but it is a long distance to drive to visit her from our farm now. I stay in Toowoomba with her once a week.

I like to go to the Latch On program in Toowoomba. I’ve met old friends and new friends at Latch On.

I’d like to meet a nice girl and have a girlfriend.

I’d also like to have a car.

I’ve been driving since 2020. I’m on my Learners. I do drive a lot on the farm checking the troughs, the gates and the cattle.

Once I went up the hill and put it on the all-wheel drive and went so fast and got bogged. I got mud everywhere. But I put it in reverse and swerved sideways a bit and got out of it. I was by myself. After that I went back to the house and got the mud off and washed the car. Half of the mud didn’t come off. I knew not to drive forward because I thought I would get more stuck.

It makes me feel good to drive on my own.

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