Housekeeping trainee Georgia Davidson shares her employment success story.
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By Georgia Davidson, NSW

I am a trainee doing housekeeping and hospitality at Hotel Etico in the Blue Mountains.  

The first thing we learned when we started was to welcome everyone here. We also learned a lot from housekeeping, like to make hospital corners on beds.  

It’s quite interesting!  

It’s also hard. It’s really hard. Because when we first made it we didn’t know how to make it.  

But why not just give it a go? 

I feel great to come to work. It’s good to learn more skills. 

We also learn life skills like housework. It’s fun to be away from parents and do what you do.  

It’s good to have a job because of the importance of getting money. If we do work more, we get more money. That’s how it works.  

If you want a job, then give it a go and just be out there and do what you have to do. People will be there to support you. It’s a good idea to learn more skills.  

At work we love supporting each other and having a great time, and it feels so special that you have friends around you being supportive.  


  1. Katia Sanfilippo

    Awesome Georgia. I’m looking forward to visiting and staying at Hotel Etico soon 😊what a beautiful part of Australia too to be learning about hospitality industry skills.

  2. Joan Mason

    Congratulations Georgia on your positive work ethic. I saw you on the ABC news and will tell your former teachers what a wonderful worker you are Hotel
    Etico. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Violet Dunstan

    Well done! i might have to visit there too! i’ll try and look for you.
    (kind regards)

  4. Scarlett

    Oooooo the Blue Mountains I have been there I have some family there. And have a amazing life girl you go girl and don’t let any one stop you for being you. BE YOUR SELF and stay safe! from Scarlett 😄∩__∩🥳

  5. Sheron

    Well done Georgia. You sound like you are a very independent person and how exciting working in the Blue Mountains.


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