Kenichi Gray works in two jobs - one at Coles and the other
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By Kenichi Gray, WA 

My name is Kenichi Gray.

I work as a part-time employee at a Coles Maddington, WA. At Coles, I tidy up the shelves, collect boxes and put them in the big bin bag, and put those boxes in the machine.

I also work as a casual employee at a Good Company Disability Services. Through GCDS, I sell cookies. I give stickers for kids, put stamps on the boxes, give cookie samples to people.

I love my job because I can help people who are in trouble.

I love my job because I can talk to people.

I am really great at being friendly.

I am really great at collecting empty boxes and putting them for machine at Coles.

I am really great at tidying up the shelves at Coles.

People with Down syndrome are great workers because we work hard and are strong. 

Having a job makes me feel happy, nice and very proud of myself.