Rachel Parker is an administrative assistant and dental assistant, and shares her employment success story.
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By Rachel Parker, WA

My name is Rachel and I have 2 paid jobs. 

I work in a school where I help in pre-primary. I also help in the office and the library. I love working here because I like the variety and everyone is very friendly. 

Some of my jobs are putting together children’s work, laminating and tidying up. In the library I help prepare take home reading books. In the office I like using the shredder and tidying up the pigeon holes and lost property box. 

I work 2 days a week at a dental clinic and I love it there because it’s very busy and I have lots to do. 

I’m very organised and like things to be neat and the people I work with really appreciate this and tell me I’m great at my job. 

I prepare the bib trays for all the dentists and hygienists, and put together the hygiene packs that are given to the patients. I also do some computer work and I have a mentor to help me learn new skills. 

The best thing about having a job is that I get paid so I can buy things I want and can save so I can move out of home one day. I like working because I like to be busy and I want to be like everyone else. 

I think it’s important to be included in the workplace to show people that everyone has gifts and talents. Even if I need more help to learn new things, I am good at my jobs. 

I did a lot of work experience at many different places before getting paid work. It was a good way to meet new people, try new things and find out what I like doing and what I am good at. It was hard to want a job and not be given a chance to be paid but I kept trying and now I have 2 jobs where I earn an award wage. 


  1. Nonno & Nonna

    We are very proud of you Rachel and love you dearly; God bless

  2. Aunty Sonia and uncle adrian

    Wow Rachel ! Great photos and article! So very proud of you darling. You certainly do have many gifts and are very talented. You are also the most famous in our family . Lots of love Aunty Sonia a d uncle Adrian xx

  3. Joan Keane

    Congratulations, Rachel! You have obviously worked hard to get to where you are. Your family must be very proud of you!!

  4. Granny and grand pop Parker

    Hi Rachel,
    Those photos of you are lovely. Your article is a testament to your hard work and determination. You know you are our favourite grand daughter BUT don’t tell the others . Lots of love granny and pop pop xxxx

  5. Julie Galbraith

    Congratulations Rachael on this article and you success being showcased. It’s wonderful having you working around our school. Always cheerful and helpful.

  6. Violet Dunstan

    You go girl! And yes everyone should live there dreams!

  7. Matisse Davis

    I can’t belive you have 2 jobs! Well done. Your amazing.

  8. Kathy and David O'Shaughnessy

    You were always interested in everything even as a child you produced some amazing pictures from the contents of the scorers pencil case while watching dad play cricket. Great to see you are on the way to achieving your goals.

  9. Linda Wright (nee Rapanaro)

    Great article Rachel! So very proud of you, and to be one of your relatives – although you have many. It’s really important that you like your jobs & happy to hear that you are earning an income. You’ve worked really hard to get there and I’m sure you are great in both roles as I know how particular and organised you are. Great skills to have.

  10. Louise Koch

    What an inspiration in persistence Rachel! You have worked hard to achieve this recognition.

  11. Stella Rapanaro

    Rachel you are an awesome young lady with such a great future ahead. Keep up all your hard work, you truly are inspirational.

  12. Josie McNamara

    Rachel, you have a gift and use it so well. I can see why all your family is so proud of you. I am too. You go girl😘

  13. Charlotte Gardiner

    You’re right, we all have different gifts and talents! And we all need help to learn new things too! Thanks for sharing, Rachel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼