Laura Amadio works as as library assistant and a food tech assistant and shares her employment success story.
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By Laura Amadio, VIC

My name is Laura Amadio.

I work at Our Lady of Sion College as a Library Assistant and a Food Tech Assistant. I am a past student of the College. I have just celebrated ten years service and I now have long service leave!

I love my job because I can go to work two days during the week and be with my work friends and talk about lots of different things.  I love welcoming the students in the library.  I really like meeting new students when the new year starts.

I am really great at keeping the library space clean for the students. I dust the shelves, clean the tables, sanitise books and keep the fiction books and picture books in order.  In the food tech room, I make sure all the tea towels are ready for classes, clean the cupboards and make sure all equipment is in the cupboards. I sometimes help get the food ready for the cooking class.

It’s important to give people with Down syndrome a chance because we should not be judged by our disability. It is not easy for us to find jobs because a lot of workplaces think it is hard to teach us how to do a job. But that is not true. 

People with Down syndrome are great workers because we are reliable and once we learn how to do a job we do it very well.  I love to socialise with my work friends and that makes me happy and when I am happy I work very well. Once I am taught how to do a job, I work hard at finishing it and doing it well. 

Having a job makes me feel so happy. I want to one day live independently and earning my own money makes me feel that I will be able to do this and feel proud about what I can achieve. I love my workplace and feel very accepted by others.


  1. Sonya velo

    You are amazing Laura… hope to see you back at bocce at the veneto club one day soon…keep it up👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Nicole

    Well done Laura! I am proud to work with you!

  3. Virginia

    Totally love your story Laura . I have worked with people with disabilities and what they teach me in life is comparable to nothing else . You are smart , you are intelligent, you are fun and you teach us all about equality for all .
    I went to Our Lady of Sion. Loved it just as much as it sounds you have loved it .Great to hear your story .xx

  4. Vanessa

    You are a role model to the students at the College. Keep up the good work Laura!

  5. Tina Apostolopoulos

    Congratulations Laura and thanks for all the wonderful gifts you bring to Our Lady of Sion.

  6. Evie Tomlins

    You are one in a million! Well done Laura!

  7. We’ll done Laura! Lovely to have taught you and work with you at Sion!

  8. Loretta

    Love your welcoming face in our library Laura – keep up the great work!

  9. Margaret

    I am so blessed to be working with you in the library and I love seeing your cheeky smile when you are there. We appreciate all your hard work in the Library.