Peter Bartholomew works at at Ginninderry The Link and shares his employment success story.
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By Peter Bartholomew, ACT

My name is Peter Bartholomew and I’ve worked at Ginninderry The Link for 4 years and I am an office assistant.

I love everyone at Ginninderry The Link, including my two bosses.

I check the dishwasher and photocopying, and I do some filing for my big boss.

Sometimes I have lunch with my big boss at work!

And I like doing photocopies, scanning and checking the post boxes.

I like working because I need a job.

I started working at Ginninderry The Link after I used to work for the ACT Down Syndrome Association for 6 years. When the Ginninderry The Link rang my mum, I got a promotion to work there.

I catch the bus because it is the only transport at Ginninderry because it is a very long way to Tuggeranong.

It makes me happy and proud to go to work on time at 9 o’clock.


  1. Marie & Roy Fairfull (Merriwa NSW)

    Congratulations, Peter. We are very proud of you , so happy that you like and enjoy your work at Ginninderry. Very well done xo. Aunty Marie & Uncle Roy (Merriwa NSW)

  2. Charlotte Gardiner

    Yay to having two good bosses for you Peter 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼