Alana Pettigrew shares her employment success story.
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By Alana Pettigrew, QLD

My name is Alana Pettigrew.  

I work at Down Syndrome Queensland as an advocate for people with Down syndrome.  

I love my job because I care greatly about people with disability. 

It is important to give people with Down syndrome a chance because we have a lot to offer to the world and can bring so much joy to those around us.  

People with Down syndrome are great workers because we are passionate about helping people and enjoy being of service.  

Having a job makes me feel very proud of myself and gives me the opportunity to be independent and to follow my dreams.  


  1. Claire Mitchell

    Congratulations Alana I am always so very proud of in whatever you do. With love form Claire Mitchell

  2. good job Alana, hope you are having a amazing day. today is world down syndrome day and we are having a mufti day (free clothes).
    have a good time and if someone ever tells you that you are not good enough guess what you are no matter what.
    love lexie


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