Taylor Anderton shares her employment success story.
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By Taylor Anderton, QLD

My name is Taylor Anderton.  

I work at the Gold Coast Hospital as a laundry cleaner and my job is really important.  

I have to collect the used mops and take them to the washroom and put them in the washing machine. When they are clean they go in a dryer.  

I love my job because I make new friends and I’m busy all the time.  I am saving up for a holiday to New Zealand and I want to fly by myself and go business class.   

I am really great at counting, listening and being on time.  

It’s important to give people with Down syndrome a chance because we can do anything if you give us a chance.  It might take more time to learn a job but we can do it!  

People with Down syndrome are great workers because having a job is really important to me.  So I’m going to try my best all the time.  

Having a job makes me feel proud, important and really happy!  


  1. Claire Mitchell

    Woking brings out the best in people with Down syndrome, as they are so inspirational in what they can do Congratulations Taylor and all the best. With love from Claire Mitchell

  2. You go follow your dreams girl don’t listen to the haters!

  3. Evie Tomlins

    Wow Taylor that sounds amazing.You are awesome and incredible!!

  4. Charlotte Gardiner

    Good luck for your trip to New Zealand, Taylor 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼