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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information 

People with Down syndrome are more susceptible to developing severe symptoms from COVID-19, which could lead to hospitalisation.

If you are sick and think you have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical advice, and get tested. If you want to talk to someone about your symptoms or if you need information about COVID-19 or COVID-19 vaccines, call the National coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline on 1800 020 080.

If you are concerned about your health or the health of a family member with Down syndrome, consult a medical professional.

You can also use the COVID-19 Symptom Checker. The Symptom Checker website asks you a series of questions to help you find out if you need medical help.

Please note that Down Syndrome NSW is not currently a member of Down Syndrome Australia. For more information on how the NSW Down syndrome community is supported by Down Syndrome Australia please visit this link