Dance up a storm at the Butterfly Ball

21 May 2016

This Saturday, 28 May marks a special occassion for Down Syndrome Western Australia - is't the 30th anniversary of their Butterfly Ball! 

If you aren't going along, why not support DSWA by joining the #doalittledanceforDSWA campaign? 

Step 1) Record a short video of yourself, your family or friends dancing to your favourite tune in celebration of our 30th anniversary! The video doesn’t have to be too long, 10 seconds will do!

Step 2) Nominate a friend, family member or colleague. (Like the Ice Bucket Challenge!)

Step 3) Pledge a donation at

Step 4) Post the video, with the text we’ve suggested below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the handle @DownsyndromeWA and hashtag #doalittledanceforDSWA

I’m doing a little dance for @DownsyndromeWA to raise critical funds and help celebrate 30 years of supporting WA families. It’s your move! I’m donating at, dance anyone? #doalittledanceforDSWA

For more information on the Butterfly Ball, clck here.

Down Syndrome SA Ambassadors Announced

5 May 2016

It is with great pleasure that Down Syndrome South Australia annouced their two new Ambassadors last month.

Amelia Mulcahy (7 News Reporter and Presenter) and the Honourable Chris Kourakis, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Australia, are the perfect role models to promote South Australia's culture of providing support for people with disabilities. 

To read the full media release, click here

Lots of Socks in the news

21 April 2016

It's wonderful to see students supporting and celebrating World Down Syndrome Day with Lots of Socks! 

Armidale Primary Lots of Socks

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