Australia's Immigration rules must change

1 August 2016

Yet another family who is trying to migrate to Australia is being subjected to blatant discrimination by the Australian Government's migrations laws.

Suresh Rajan, NEDA President says "We continue to see people and their families from all backgrounds being discriminated against because of illness or disability. 

Within the space of a week NEDA has become aware of two families facing deportation based solely on the disability of a child. 

NEDA's position in this regard is supported by Down Syndrome Australia. DSA Chairman Angus Graham has stated "it has been out long-running battle to end this discrimination, and organisations ike ours and NEDA will continue to bring this to the public's attention and advocate for these people". 

To read the full media release, click here.  

Happy Birthday Frances!

30 July 2016

Happy birthday! Frances, believed to be the world’s oldest woman with Down’s Syndrome, celebrates her 75th birthday in Little Downham (UK).

Frances was told that she would be lucky to reach 40, but she has happily defied the odds. 

Well done Frances, here's to celebrating growing old gracefully! 

Read the full story about Frances.

We are Champions!

24 July 2016

We've had a HUGE few weeks recently on the sporting front, with our Swimming and Gymnast teams doing us proud at the Trisome Games in Italy. It's yet another example of people with Down syndrome pushing the boundaries and achieving great things!

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