National Events

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We hold events twice a year – in March for World Down Syndrome Day and in October for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay updated about the Australian World Down Syndrome Congress to be held in Brisbane! You can sign up for more information at the World Down Syndrome Congress Website

Connect with your local state and territory Down syndrome association for events that are happening in an area near you. 

About Down Syndrome Australia events

Any communication about our events and conferences will only come from us, and our website is the only place to get information about our events and conferences.

You can go directly to the Down Syndrome Australia website or the World Down Syndrome Congress website for event information and registrations:

Down Syndrome Australia

World Down Syndrome Congress, 2024

Do not click on any information found online at other websites including:


These websites are not affiliated with Down Syndrome Australia. 

Please contact us if you receive any information from third party websites or to make inquiries about our events. You can contact us at

All of our national events can be found on our website Events page.

National Events

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Are you looking for information about our national events?

These are things that are happening that anyone in Australia might be interested in.

So people often ask Down Syndrome Australia for help.

Two calendars show the months of March and October

In March we have World Down Syndrome Day.

In October we have Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

The World Down syndrome Congress logo and a calendar

In 2022, the World Down Syndrome Congress will be happening in Brisbane.

You can get email updates about the Congress so you know what is happening

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Do you want to know about events happening near you? Contact your state or territory Down syndrome association for news on local events.

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You can also see all our Events and News on our website.

Click on the link underneath to see our News and Events page.