Prenatal Services

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Prenatal services and supports

When a diagnosis of Down syndrome has been made, parents need accurate and current information about Down syndrome. The Down Syndrome Federation provides a range of information and supportive services.

Here are some of the services that our state and territory associations offer parents and families.

  • Family support services 
  • Information and advice about Down syndrome
  • Information about local support groups 
  • Connecting with other parents
  • Online support groups
  • New parent packs
  • Workshops and webinars

Support, advice and information

Your local Down syndrome association has a support team waiting to assist. We can help if you are pregnant and have received a possible or confirmed diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Fill out the form and your Down syndrome association will get in touch with information and support.

Find out more about services in your area

Our national 1300 number (1300 881 935) will connect you to your local state or territory Down syndrome organisation.

We can help you find information, answer your questions, and connect you with other parents of a child with Down syndrome.

Visit your state website to find out more.

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A safe place for pregnant Australian women who are facing a potential or confirmed diagnosis for their unborn baby.

Looking for information about Down syndrome? You can find more in our Resource Hub.