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People with Down syndrome want to work for the same reasons as everyone else – so that they can be independent, contribute to society, earn their own money, learn new skills, meet new people, and feel valued.

NDIS, Disability Employment Services, and employers all have a role to play in providing support to people with Down syndrome who are looking for work. Disability Employment Services (often referred to as DES) are organisations that receive government funding to help people with disability, including people with Down syndrome, obtain and retain regular jobs, otherwise known as ‘open employment’.

Community Inclusion Toolkit: Employment Toolkit

Our Community Inclusion Toolkit includes a wide range of resources for employment. These resources have been developed to help people with Down syndrome and their families understand employment opportunities. There are also resources for employers, providing information about adjustments to support people with Down syndrome in paid employment.

Employment resources

Guide for Employees – Easy Read

The Guide for Employees provides information to help people with Down syndrome to get ready to find a job. The Guide for Employees is available at Guide for Employees – Easy Read.

The Guide for Employees (Plain English) contains information to help people with Down syndrome be prepared and ready to find a job.

Guide for Employers

The Guide for Employers provides information to employers who might be considering employing a person with Down syndrome. The guide contains practical tips on recruiting staff, adjustments and support in the workplace.

Practical Guide for Employers

The Practical Guide for Employers is a companion resource to the Guide for Employers. The guide contains support, training ideas and advice for employers of people with Down syndrome.

NDIS and employment

The NDIS have a range of resources and information to help people with finding and maintaining employment. You can find out more about NDIS and employment on the NDIS employment webpage.

Resource Hub

You can find a wide range of employment resources for people with Down syndrome, families and employers in our Resource Hub.

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Get in touch with your local Down syndrome association

Your local Down syndrome can help you find out more about:

  • employment supports and services for adults with Down syndrome.
  • employment sessions or skills programs in your area.
  • employment support programs like Job Access or Disability Employment Service providers.
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Click here to contact your local state/territory association