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The BrightStars dance troupe was born over nine years ago following a Master Dance Class run by Lucinda Bryant and Scotty Martin, of Merry Makers fame.

BrightStars is a troupe of people with Down syndrome of all ages and their volunteers, who regularly rehearse and perform publicly all over Tasmania.

For many of the participants, it’s also a time to socialise, make new friends and learn new skills.

Since the early days, BrightStars now has dance troupes in the North, North West and Southern Tasmania. There is an increasing demand for BrightStar performances and ongoing performances requests.

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Code of conduct

BrightStars has a Code of Conduct for volunteers and dancers. This sets out appropriate behavioural standards to ensure our dance groups are a safe a supportive space. You can see a copy of the Code here. Dancers and volunteers will be asked to sign a copy of the Code as part of their participation in the group.

Down Syndrome Queensland volunteers.