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Our Federation offers education and training for people with Down syndrome, family members, professionals, and students. Find out more below.
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Education and training services

Our Federation offers education and training for individuals with Down syndrome, family members, professionals, and students on a range of topics across the lifespan. Topics and events are delivered both in person and online. You can also find out more about webinars and online learning.

Here are some of the education services that our state and territory associations offer.

  • Peer support and skills development
  • Professional development conferences
  • Webinars
  • Early childhood development
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health and ageing
  • and a range of other topics.
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Find out more about education and training services in your area

Visit our state and territory association pages to find out about education events in your area.

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Education and training services

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Local Down syndrome organisations that are part of Down Syndrome Federation do training for different groups of people.

This includes people with Down syndrome, family members, professionals (such as teachers), students and other people.

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The training is about lots of different things such as:

  • Parenting babies and children with Down syndrome
  • Schooling
  • Staying healthy
  • People with Down syndrome getting a job
  • Getting older.
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Some organisations run online training that you can do from home on your computer.

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You can find information about local education and training on your state organisation’s website.