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DSA and ACT CEOs of Down Syndrome Australia.
May 2024 Newsletter
April 2024 Newsletter
March 2024 Newsletter
February 2024 Newsletter
January 2024 Newsletter


November 2023 Newsletter
December 2023 Newsletter
October 2023 Newsletter
September 2023 Newsletter
August 2023 Newsletter
July 2023 Newsletter
June 2023 Newsletter
A young man looks at a tablet device
May 2023 Newsletter
April 2023 Newsletter
March 2023 Newsletter
February 2023 Newsletter


Darryl Steff
December 2022 Newsletter
November 2022 Newsletter
October 2022 Newsletter
Olivia standing in front of a poster
September 2022 Newsletter
August 2022 Newsletter
July 2022 Newsletter
Claire and Ellen smiling against a colourful background
June 2022 Newsletter
May 2022 Newsletter
A young woman with Down syndrome in her workplace, and the words Right To Work
April 2022 Newsletter
Cover of Community Services for New Zealanders
March 2022 Newsletter
February 2022 Newsletter


December 2021 Newsletter
A young man holding a phone
November 2021 Newsletter
October 2021 Newsletter
September 2021 Newsletter
August 2021 Newsletter
Cover of Mosaic Down syndrome resource
July 2021 Newsletter
June 2021 Newsletter
May 2021 Newsletter
A group of people with Down syndrome with blue green background
February 2021 Newsletter


December 2020 Newsletter
A young man sits and laughs against a bright pink background
November 2020 Newsletter
A man and woman against a pink background
October 2020 Newsletter
A young child plays with colourful balls
September 2020 Newsletter
here young people talk together at a table outdoors
August 2020 Newsletter
Two young adults stand close together outdoors
July 2020 Newsletter
Claire Mitchell
June 2020 Newsletter
A cover image of the Australian Governor-General, giving a speech on World Down Syndrome Day
March 2020 Newsletter
A man with Down syndrome speaks at at board meeting
December 2019 Newsletter

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