Aim High Club 18+ years

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Aim High is for adults (18+) with Down syndrome.

  • Get together with friends
  • Meet new friends
  • Have fun going places and doing things like concerts, restaurants, the beach and movies
  • Try out some new things
  • Learn while having fun

Aim High members are supported by an experienced group leader and volunteers of similar ages to members, who enjoy the activities as much as members, share their own strengths, hobbies, experiences and live out the true meaning of inclusion through the program. Building on life skills in a natural way is an important part of every session.

Aim High club members help with planning and are encouraged and supported to develop confidence and leadership skills as part of the program.

Club members have developed their own set of rules about having respect for all (being friendly, listening, encouraging others and giving others a go), being socially mature when out and about, participating fully in chosen activities and having fun.

 Aim High usually runs fortnightly on Friday evenings or over the weekend. The day, time and duration depends on the activity – it could be daytime or evening.

For more information please contact our Aim High Coordinator on:

NDIS Plan Considerations

DSWA will offer NDIS services for Aim High Club under Core supports: Assistance with Social and Community Participation. If you do not have an NDIS plan DSWA will continue to charge a fee per session. 

There may be extra costs for some activities such as dinner, movies, entry fees etc. as these costs are not covered by NDIS.