Day 20: Jason

Jason had worked at a big fast-food chain in Sydney’s eastern suburbs for five years when COVID-19 changed everything. Not only did they have to stop work for a little while, all of Jason’s social activities stopped too. Fortunately, he still got to keep his job, just some of the tasks changed. Jason shares his story for World Down Syndrome Day 2021.
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Story by Jason Russo

I clean all the dining rooms.

There are so many school kids. They’re okay.

I like the old people.

During lockdown I was a bit sad, but I knew what was going on.

I was working out the back and cleaning the staffroom and the kiosk.

I was very, very lucky. It was during the lockdown.

We had a meeting and of course it was going to happen, and they said things were going to change.

I was a bit worried about it when it first happened.

I was doing things out in the world, but I couldn’t now because we were in lockdown.

I was tired. You couldn’t do anything anymore. It’s just not good. It’s just not fair. 

People with Down syndrome and people with all disabilities were all locked up. I really missed going to Holdsworth and Creativity Inc. 

But I was still bumping into people who would come in to work. 

I was spending more time with Mum and Dad.

Oh geez!

Fingers crossed I hope this [pandemic] will just go away.

Geez! Come on! Please!

Tell Scott Morrison to let people go out. Please. Again, it doesn’t feel fair.