I would rate my life 10/10

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Matthew is a busy man and has a full life with many community connections where he is well known and well liked. He has acquired some very useful life skills which help him keep busy and embrace opportunities outside the family. Matthew is also a member of DSA’s Down Syndrome Advisory Network.

This is what Matthew wants you to know about himself and his life:

I’m 22 years old and live with my parents.  I have two sisters.  My big sister lives in the city and I like to visit her.

I get up at 5.30 on weekdays and volunteer at a local café.  I help set up the tables and then tuck into some breakfast.  After that I catch 2 trains and get to my paid job at Coles where I work for 3 hours on Monday to Friday.  On Saturdays, I work at another café and then as an assistant basketball coach and get paid for both.  I also volunteer for Helping Hoops basketball at my old school.

In my spare time, I like to dance with e.motion 21 and No Lights No Lycra and swim with Special Olympics.  I also catch the bus and go to cooking classes where I enjoy hanging out with friends.  On weekends, I enjoy activities with Club 21 and Milparinka.  In winter, I often go to the MCG to watch the footy. Once a week I go to the gym.

I’m alive and healthy.  I get on well with my family.  I have a voice and an opinion and enough money.

People with disabilities are important to other people.

I have a good attitude and stay calm and strong through tough times.

I like to share the love with family and friends and like to feel loved.

I like cracking jokes and being a bit silly. 

I like to stay positive.

I would rate my life 10/10.