Keziah has a lot to be proud of

Keziah has a lot to be proud of thumbnail.

Why am I proud of myself?

I am proud because my one sister and two brothers tell me, ‘I am a good sister’.

I am proud because I have trained hard and been selected for Special Olympics National Games for Victoria in basketball and swimming. Next, I might try bowling.

I am proud because I feel good about myself.

I am proud when I do public speaking at special events.

I am proud when I try to be a good girlfriend.

I am proud when I go out in the community for special functions.

I am proud I have been able to work hard at my job at Harris Scarfe in Ballarat where I live.

I am proud when my workmates and friends say I am popular.

I am proud that I have been able to live by myself for about five years. I do have some helpers who come to my house and my family help.

I am proud of my card making business. See me on Facebook at PICS BY KEZ. I take the photos and mum helps me make cards. I sell them at a Craft Cottage and cafes in Ballarat.

I was very proud when one of my photos was picked to be in the final of My Perspective 2018 Photo competition.

Dictated to Trish Glenane

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